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Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant at Louisiana State University

I am a graduate student at Louisiana State University. I am studying analytic number theory under the guidance of Dr. Karl Mahlburg, with a focus on restricted partitions. My other mathematical interests include combinatorics, algebraic number theory, and lie algebras.

Outside interests include basketball, tennis, soccer, and music.

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Formal Education

  • B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science with a Minor in Physics from Eckerd College in 2011
  • M.S. in Mathematics from Louisiana State University in 2013
  • Current Ph. D candidate in Mathematics at Louisiana State University
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Teaching and Assistantship Duties

Courses Taught

  • Fall 2014- Math 1021: College Algebra sections 28 and 43
  • Summer 2015- Math 7999-2: Review for Algebra Qualifying Examination
  • Fall 2015- Math 1021: College Algebra sections 8,9, and 20
  • Spring 2016- Math 1022: College Trigonometry sections 1,18, and 21

Teaching Assistant Assignments

  • Fall 2011- Math 2020: Solving Discrete Problems
  • Fall 2011- Math 2025: Integeral Transforms and their Applications
  • Fall 2012- Math 4050: Interest Theory
  • Fall 2013- Math 4050: Interest Theory
  • Spring 2014- Math 1550: Calculus I
  • Spring 2014- Math 3355: Probability
  • Summer 2014- Math 3355: Probability
  • Fall 2014- Math 4050: Interest Theory

Miscellaneous Duties

  • IT Assistant for Mathematics Department from Spring 2012-Spring 2014.
  • Capstone Course Project Manager: Fall 2013, Summer 2014, Summer 2015, and Spring 2015.
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I served as the project manager supervising a team of undergraduate students for the following projects.

I have also worked on projects involving a research team of graduate students.

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Research, Talks, and Conferences


I am currently researching congruence relations on parts for unimodal sequences. More to come.


  • "An Introduction to the Riemann Hypothesis" Spring 2012 LSU Communicating Math Colloquium
  • "Continued Fractions and Pell's Equation" Fall 2012 LSU Presentation for Computational Number Theory
  • "Farey Sequences and Ford Circles" Fall 2014 LSU Math Club Talk
  • "Rademacher's Circle Method" Spring 2015 LSU Student Algebra Seminar
  • "Ramanujan's Tau Function" Summer 2015 MSRI Student Talks
  • "Partitions and Unimodal Sequences" Fall 2015 LSU Student Algebra Seminar
  • "Zero-Error Quantum Communication in the Presence of a Noiseless Feedback Channel" Fall 2015 Presentation for Quantum Information Theory


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Contact Information

  • Office: 102 Lockett Hall
  • Email: rfrnka1 (at)
  • Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics, 303 Lockett Hall Baton Rouge, LA 70803
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