Data Analysis Projects

A quick summary of some projects done over the years.

Elliot Wave Theory Models for Cryptocurrencies - Python Developer

May 2017 - Sept 2017

Built models to detect and react to Elliot Waves in real-time Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin market data. Good practice accessing API's with python and experimenting with different listener methods for updating data real-time. Parsed data and did basic analysis with pandas, then implemented the model to mark transitions between "up" and "down" wave movements. It is a simple model but a solid foundation is there for future improvements.

Human Guided Machine Vision on Satellite Images- GUI Creator

Summer 2016 (link)

The goal of this project was to detect roads in satellite images, then allow a user to select the roads to create their own paths. Image detection, filtering, and interfacing were the main components of the project. Project was part of the IMA Bootcamp at the University of Minnesota. Created using MatLab 2015b

Software for an Eye-Tracking Research Project - Project Manager

Summer 2015 (link)

Developed interactive software for testing data for a study comparing response times and accuracy of experts and novices searching for symbols in convoluted terrain maps. Used simple machine learning techniques to create a binary identifier and delivered an interface for the researchers. Created with MatLab 2015b

A Transportation and Diet Problem for Rain CII Carbon - Project Manager

Spring 2015 and Fall 2013 (link)

Solved a linear programming problem with constraints for a multi-stage delivery system between multiple suppliers, processing plants, shipping terminals, and customers. Used AIMMS software

Tracking Remote Sensors for a Scanning Device - Project Manager

Summer 2014 (link)

For this project provided by the company Evisive, our research team displayed tracking data obtained by optical sensors on a scanning device. Key components of the project were calibration corrections, geometric alignment techniques, and cross validation. Created with MatLab 2013b

Double Sunrise on Mercury - Project Manager

Summer 2012

Modeled the "double sunrise" that occurs on Mercury based on eccentricity of the orbit around the sun. Part of the SMILE REU at LSU. Created with Mathematica 2015b